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Interview with Manuela Alaga

Side Spin today brings you a new interview with... Manuela Alaga! Well Manuela, first of all thank you for wanting to do this interview, I suppose it will be difficult...

Side Spin today brings you a new interview with... Manuela Alaga!

Well Manuela, first of all thank you for wanting to do this interview, I suppose it will be difficult to find a few minutes for an interview at the beginning of the preseason. Let's start by introducing you because there are many people who will not know you, since they only know the players who appear on television and they do not know the pieces of players that are in previous ones, even in previous ones and the great level that women's padel is taking. Manuela is a player of Uruguayan nationality who has been in the professional circuit for many years. Currently, after the unfreezing of the ranking, she is ranked 62nd in the WPT . In 2020, even with the pandemic, it has reached scandalous numbers, reaching the final table on several occasions:
  • Draw: Estrella Damm Open and Adeslas Open reaching the round of 32 in both opens.
  • Previous: Cervezas Victorias Marbella Master, Valencia Open, Barcelona Master, Alicante Open (eighth).
  • Pre-preview: Madrid Open returns (Eighths).

And after this introduction, to the interview!

1. How do you face the new season? How does a professional player prepare for a preseason with all this uncertainty?

This year the truth is that it is being different from other years and very difficult to plan. I started the preseason after the holidays, but the Andalusian calendar has already changed for the moment and nothing is known about the start of the World Padel Tour, supposedly it would start at the end of March. So at the moment I'm trying to improve my physical appearance and training.

2. Apart from being a player, are you a teacher? Is it easy to change the chip? What club do you play for?

Yes that's how it is. I am a teacher at both the Cerrado de Calderón Sports Club and Belife. I have students of all ages and all levels, although I would like to train some real competition ones that I don't have yet. It's easy for me to change the chip, so I get a little rid of training and tournaments, but I keep working on what I like. At the moment I have to continue combining classes with tournaments because the expenses (especially the year of COVID) have been many. In fact, any help from sponsors (taking advantage of the interview) would be welcome, ha ha ha.

3. What goals does Manuela Alaga set for this season?

My goal this year is to try to score as many points as possible to be able to start directly from the draw, since you have to face a lot of expenses from pre-qualifying and qualifying and also a lot of physical effort because you play many games before.

4. With which partner will you play this 2021?

The partner I'm starting this year with is the one I ended up with last season, Estela Francés.

5. What is it like coming back to SideSpin, what has kept you coming back?

I always liked the brand since Emilio Forcher is a great friend and adviser. I was training when I was doing the preseason in Punta del Este in Uruguay. In addition to this, I like the deal I have with the brand and they have always been my favorite rackets.

6. Have you decided which racket you are going to play with this year? What has made you opt for this shovel?

Yes, AW6 6K Jacquard Carbon . I chose this racket because for me it has a perfect balance and I handle it very well on the volley and at the bottom of the court. I love how he says goodbye.

7. What does it feel like to enter the picture?

Wow, hehehe. The first time I entered the draw, I also entered the round of 16. That time it was all a dream. The truth is that I fulfilled the dream ahead of schedule and it was all very fast.

8. Are you superstitious? Do you have any routine before going out on the court?

Yes, although they say it's very bad, I usually have to play with gum ☺. With so many Argentines on the circuit, you've already told them that mate is Uruguayan. Of course, mate is more than Uruguayan.

9. To finish the interview, what advice could you give to a girl who is starting out in paddle tennis?

Enjoy playing, this sport will give you many friends, many good times, good health and if you are good at it, prepare yourself that you will have to train hard to be among the best.

We already know you a little better, to thank you again from Side Spin we wish you much success, good health and that you continue to enjoy padel like this year.

Thank you very much Manuela for this great interview, good luck from your team this year!


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