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Interview with Pol Ferreres

This interview will be with the player Pol Ferreres, a boy with great aspirations in the world of paddle tennis, he participates in FIBS and already wants to leave his...

This interview will be with the player Pol Ferreres, a boy with great aspirations in the world of paddle tennis, he participates in FIBS and already wants to leave his mark professionally, go ahead Pol, introduce yourself!

I'm Pol Ferreres Garcia, a Catalan player who plays for Side Spin. I am 20 years old and paddle tennis is not only a sport for me but it is already part of my life, I would describe it as my first love without offending my girlfriend :).

  • What does it cost for a previous player and challenger to be a WPT player? Can you live from it, if you don't enter the picture?

The truth is that it has a great cost, but the experience of competing against the best and being able to put yourself to the test is worth it. Hardly if you are not an infielder you can live.

  • How do you get sponsors, to receive that much-needed help?

In my case, selling a project in which both you and the sponsor seek a benefit, you contributing the most to him, and vice versa.

  • How would you value playing for a brand that will allow you to forget about the search for sponsors?

Playing for a brand that what it does is take away all the pressure of looking for sponsors, etc., it makes you as a player focus 100% on your progress and on doing what in the end makes us happy.

  • Do you shrink your arm in the first round, when a sacrifice has been made to go to a tournament?

This is worked on in training, and we try not to make it happen. That the arm shrinks is a mental matter of thinking that the situation is beyond you. To do this, you have to try to be focused on each ball, how you touch it, the moment of impact, the finish you give to the arm, so that you don't have time to eat your head.

  • Since there are no referees and the tension is high, are there times when balls are discussed? And how are they solved? Have you stolen any ball knowing it?

In the end, it is a sport in which two teams face each other and both want to win. It is clear that at times there will be disagreements, but this cannot cause respect for the sport to be lost. Responding to the last question, not knowing it, sometime after the game my partner told me that the ball I had argued so much about had not gone in and when I found out I felt terrible.

  • What does it mean to pair up? because in painting everything will be easier.

Forming a couple implies looking for someone with whom you have an affinity, and in whom you trust, since it is half of your final result, for what you have worked so much depends on him too. In part you have to sacrifice yourself to the maximum to improve and the people with whom you previously thought it was impossible to play will end up calling you. I guess the infielders will have it easier, in the end everyone wants to play with the best.

  • Do you feel pressure in tournaments when you start as the favorite pairing? And how are those emotions controlled?

I can't answer that question, my coach Juan Alday always tells me that I'm very bad and that I'm never a favorite hahahaha

  • What does SideSpin convey to you as a brand?

It gives me the confidence that on this path and the goals I seek I am no longer going alone, now I have more support, with which I can go further.

  • What would you highlight from your shovel?

I would highlight how easily you adapt to the AW6 , normally you need a few days to get all the sensations, with this racket it is instantaneous, you have the sensation of playing with a glove.

  • Is it the same racket that you play with, that the one that is sold to the public?

It is exactly the same, the only thing that changes is that I put 4 grips on it.

  • What advice would you give to a player who is starting and wants to get to where you are now?

That in life everything seems to be far away but if you make an effort and set affordable challenges for yourself, the road is much more enjoyable and faster. In the end, what marks where each one arrives is dictated by effort and concentration.

  • When the results are not as expected, does the paddle exhaust you? What advice do you give for when a player gets mad?

I couldn't say that I'm running out of paddle tennis, which is a bit frustrating to see everything you've worked for and that it vanishes due to a bad day or whatever. What helps me a lot is not marking myself as the only point of reference if the game has been a success or a failure based on the result. You have to evaluate your level of play, that of your rivals, if you have been able to make that play that you have trained so much, etc.

  • What would it be to enter the picture?
For me to enter the field would be the dream of my life, but that is still far away and you have to work every day thinking about smaller and more affordable challenges for the moment, as I said before.


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