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The importance of grip

Many of the amateur players do not know the importance of the grip, many play with only the factory one, many do not know when it is time to change...

Many of the amateur players do not know the importance of the grip, many play with only the factory one, many do not know when it is time to change it and many others do not give it the importance that this element has.

The grip is an element that can help you prevent injuries ; many elbow and forearm injuries come from a poor knowledge of its use. Many players attribute theirelbow injuries to technique or other factors , but a determining factor is grip. Players who don't change the grip, who buy it white and don't change it until it's black. Players who play with an inadequate number, either by not putting or by putting too many.

The number of grips is also very important when it comes to having a good grip on the racket. According to tastes or preferences, they will take more or less grips. Players affirm that with a greater number of grips they have a better feel for the ball, while others reply that with a lower number they have a greater facility for spin. The perfect number does not exist, the only thing that must be taken into account is comfort and, above all, having a good grip so that you do not slip when hitting.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: how often should I change my grip? This is also a question that does not have a precise answer, since there are several factors that affect the realization of the change. First of all, we can highlight sweating; There are players who don't sweat a lot, so the grips can hold up to them from time to time. On the other hand, there are players who, due to sweat, have to change their grip even every game. The change also preceded when the fabric stops being thick and grip is lost and due to sweat it begins to slip.

Another factor to take into account is the quality of the grips, not all of them are the same. Grips come in various types (perforated, padded, smooth and thin), in various colors and at different prices. Many of the players become addicted to one type of grip, and in the future they become reluctant players to change the type of it. Many other players seek to buy the grip so that it matches the color of the racket or even the color of the clothing. This factor is mostly known as "paddle postureo", when grip and comfort are sought in the grip when hitting. The tendency to buy grips is that the usual padel player does not usually buy a drum of grips, since their consumer mentality is to buy them in multi-brand stores 3 in 3 or even in the same padel club. This purchasing trend is the most common since an amateur player cannot conceive of directly spending 50 euros on grips, even if the same amount is spent at the end of the year. Many players do not know how to place the grip, or they place it in the wrong way, leaving an extreme thickness in parts that are not necessary and leaving important areas uncovered. A good placement is also important to later obtain the desired result.

From SideSpin the collaboration agreement has been closed with one of the most important brands of Under-grips manufacturers, X Grip . A brand that ensures convenience and comfort in each of your blows. With this grip you will ensure a better grip and reduce vibrations. The under-grip is what replaces the thicker factory grip and has a hexagonal shape so that the over-grips fit better and the feel of the racket is much better. Apart from the touch, we can appreciate how it is anti-sweat and elastic, adaptable to all types of handles. X Grip ensures a long durability of its under-grip, so that you can enjoy it for a longer time compared to some other brands. In modern paddle tennis, the use of an under grip is becoming normal, since many players consider that it helps them maintain a firmer grip as well as improve comfort when holding the racket. After several tests carried out by the brand, it has been possible to confirm that with the use of this under-grip the number of injuries decreases.

The placement of the X Grip is very simple and is done in a few simple steps:

  1. Remove all the grips, even the first one that is the factory one. The handle must be 100% uncovered with the material from which it is made.
  2. Once it is like this, the under-grip is placed with the help of some strips that will make it easier for the under-grip to slide.
  3. Once we have placed the under-grip correctly and at the correct height, we proceed to remove the straps, stretching them.
  4. Once the strips are removed, we already have the undergrip on. It will be time to place the overgrip.


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