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The most common padel injuries and how to prevent them

Have you felt frustrated by an injury playing paddle tennis? Discover what are the most frequent injuries in paddle tennis players and learn the best tricks to prevent them. In...

Have you felt frustrated by an injury playing paddle tennis?

Discover what are the most frequent injuries in paddle tennis players and learn the best tricks to prevent them.

In recent years, paddle tennis has gained a lot of notoriety in our society, being one of the most played sports today. However, like any sport, it has a downside, risking injury .

Here we will show you the most common injuries , the causes and we will advise you to prevent them.


Although it may not seem like it, paddle tennis is a sport where you can easily get injured, since it consists of many turns, jumps, blows, runs and falls. Any wrong move can be fatal if not done in a technically correct way.

Epicondylitis, tennis elbow

This injury has been suffered by many paddle tennis players and it is very annoying. Tennis elbow is an injury that is caused by inflammation of the elbow tendons , which causes pain in the forearm.

The most common causes of this injury are:

  • A too thick shovel handle.
  • An incorrect choice of the weight of the shovel .
  • Poor ball hitting technique.

Therefore, it is super important to choose a racket that suits your own needs . Since this way you will have a better performance in the game and you will reduce the chances of injury.

Recovery from Epicondylitis is long and a lot of rest is required, so you will have to get away from the slopes for a while.

Ankle sprain

The most common of this sport. Most ankle sprains occur from jumping , which is usually minor, spraining , misalignment , and twisting . In the worst case, a ligament tear can occur.

Generally, an ankle sprain can leave us off the slopes for a minimum of 10 days, but with the help of physiotherapists , recovery times can be reduced. This recovery is important to do well to strengthen the ankle and not have a relapse.

shoulder injury

The shoulder is a very delicate part of the human body, it is a joint where various injuries can occur. The most seen by physiotherapists is rotator cuff tendonitis. We can suffer from this when we perform repetitive movements in a position of muscular stress.

This injury can become very painful , and in some blows it is accentuated, such as the tray or the wall drop , where broader movements are made that directly affect the shoulder.

muscle contractures

They are usually the most common micro muscle injuries, although the effects are usually mild. This is an overexertion of the muscles and the best way to prevent it is by warming up beforehand with enough intensity.

A muscle contraction can leave you off the slopes for a couple of days and, if it gets more complicated, you should see a physiotherapist to treat the injury.

How to prevent injuries in paddle tennis?

Some tips that can help you:

Remember that before starting a training session or a game it is very important to warm up your muscles at low intensity, you will avoid many injuries.

One of the most undervalued aspects is clothing , especially shoes . A good pair of specialized paddle tennis shoes with clay soles will prevent you from slipping, with less chance of falling.

Good hydration during game time is essential to maintain 100% performance and avoid muscle fatigue and cramps.

Taking a few minutes to stretch after physical exercise prevents contractures or muscle injuries in general.

So now you know, follow these points and the probability of avoiding the most common injuries will be much greater!


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