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Nova 12K

Start 2021... 2021 arrives and with it the new collection presented by Side Spin, a new and attractive collection. The brand proposes changes in its new models, which stand out...

Start 2021...

2021 arrives and with it the new collection presented by Side Spin, a new and attractive collection. The brand proposes changes in its new models, which stand out in the eyes of the consumer. The modern and attractive design will not go unnoticed on the track. The player who is looking for the most innovative materials in the world of paddle tennis, who is looking for a beautiful design, has his new racket for 2021 in the NOVA 12K. Another advance of the brand that changes the fixed colors for some mixtures of striking colors, the name also it is innovative since it has nothing to do with the tune of “ Sniper , Striker …”. After a year of exponential growth for the brand, Side Spin seeks to establish itself in the market with its NOVA 12K .

Side Spin is signing young players to join their team, thus having more representation in amateur circuits. He is forming a great team with players from Catalonia, Madrid and other communities in Spain. Not only amateur or semi-professional players join the ranks of Side Spin, but also professional players like Manuela Alaga , for this 2021 by Side Spin Europe. If this growth may not seem like much in a brand as globalized as Side Spin, it is beginning to be seen in a large number of Swedish clubs and beginning in some Italians. This brand is going at rocket speed. Not only does news come from the old continent, from Latin America comes the bombshell for the brand. A few days ago the signing of Tolito Aguirre (American Number 1) was announced. Emilio Forcher managed to close this agreement with a player who is expected to be playing on the World Padel Tour by mid-2021. With the signing of this "player" the brand seeks to establish itself as the number one in Latin America. A great collaboration of a great brand with an excellent player, so the results will not be long in coming. And there are even more news that we will announce soon


The NOVA 12k is a round shaped racket, many will associate the round shape with a full control racket. This racket is made of 12K carbon that helps improve ball acceleration on power shots, while at the same time it does not take away control on groundstrokes. This type of carbon provides the necessary rigidity to the racket to achieve that balance that is so desired in paddle tennis rackets.

The material used in this racket is Full Carbon, this makes the racket of a higher quality and the player appreciates it. The NOVA 12K offers an optimal weight in which all paddle tennis rackets oscillate, which is between 360 and 375 grams together with the EVA Ultra Soft material used in the core, making it very easy to handle. It is a padel racket created for the intermediate or expert player since in this way they will better appreciate the benefits.

The brand does not hide that it is a defensive racket, since with its shape it has given it a much wider sweet spot and a balance in the lower part of the racket face. Side Spin seeks through the use of 12K to give it the necessary rigidity to counteract the characteristics of a conventional round-shaped racket. In this way, the player will not feel self-conscious when making attack or defining blows because the racket will respond in the best way.

The great novelty that Side Spin brings to the market in this 2021 is the texturing of the faces of the shovel. The faces of the racket are made of a rough material that will make spin, slice and topspin shots much easier to hit. Not only the material of the faces draws attention, but also the finishes, since they have details of the brand in the heart of the racket in blue tones, which will make you not go unnoticed in your club or in the game. The Side Spin brand proposes the same racket in a more orange color, offering a wider possibility to the most special players when choosing a design. With these details, you will no longer be able to make so many unforced errors since you will have at least a couple of glances looking at your shovel.


This shovel is one of those used by the player Manuela Alaga. The professional player of the Side Spin team has not hesitated for a moment when choosing it among one of the new shovels for this year. The shovel that the number 61 player of the World Padel Tour will use is the same that any other client would use.

In the case of Tolito Aguirre, it is uncertain since the shovel that he will carry this 2021 has yet to be defined, but he has already been seen on several occasions with the Striker 3K Green. This shovel has a teardrop shape that will provide you with the power and sensitivity to make your wonderful plays within twenty-ten.

Finally, from the Side Spin Sweden team they have also decided to play with the Nova 12K, the shovel that is also causing a sensation in the Swedish country at the moment. The shovel's performance is ideal for track conditions in Sweden.


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