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Pádel indoor vs outdoor

Which track is better... Every day there are more facilities that offer us tracks to play paddle tennis , even the clubs themselves are expanding the number of tracks due...

Which track is better...

Every day there are more facilities that offer us tracks to play paddle tennis , even the clubs themselves are expanding the number of tracks due to the rise of this wonderful sport. There are currently more than 1,800 facilities in Spain that offer at least one track to their customers. The beginnings of paddle tennis were outdoors and it is how we find today most of the tracks in the country, since the investment is lower if we compare it to the construction or rental of a warehouse to set up an indoor track.

Is it synonymous that the fact that its construction is cheaper means worse playing conditions? Read on to find out what features each offers!

In the World Padel Tour competition, it is played on both courts, both indoors and outdoors. Both professionals and hobbyists will prefer one over the other depending on their playing style.

If we talk about the state of the tracks over time, we would talk about them as if they were a vehicle. An outdoor rink suffers more because it is exposed to different weather conditions and this can deteriorate it over time, unlike indoor rinks (indoors) that are spared from problems such as rain, snow, wind or sun exposure and heat in summer.

Outdoor paddle tennis

We have all encountered a wet track, either because it is raining at the moment or because it has rained before. The wet court makes the ball weigh more, the racket suffers, the balls become unusable for other games and it may not even be possible to play. If it didn't rain but it was very sunny, it can also be quite annoying for the players in the match, since the direct sun or its reflection on surfaces can limit our passing game or even damage our eyesight. A notable advantage of the outdoor game is related to the balloons , since they are not limited by a roof, although if there is a lot of wind it can be a rather annoying counter to the development of the match. Another plus for many people is the fact of playing outdoors, which for many is preferable to being locked in a ship. The good thing about all this is that normally outdoor paddle tennis is usually cheaper than indoor ones.

Indoor paddle tennis

The main function of the structure is to protect you from everything mentioned above related to time. The rain, the sun and the possible winds do not affect the game indoors. When talking about the sun, the light will not directly affect you, but the heat that it can get inside an indoor paddle tennis court, since most of them have little ventilation, can cause constant fatigue . In relation to the game, the balloons must be less high, if not, it is a point for the rival couple , but the passing game is not affected by the winds. The sensations on an indoor track depend, just like outdoors, on the player's preferences. As there are normally more than 4 courts in the building, you can hear the paddle tennis atmosphere and the matches of all those who are playing at the same time. There are people who bother them and others who motivate and stimulate them. The average price of playing indoors is usually higher than that of playing outdoors.

From Side Spin we recommend playing in both since the paddle is about sensations to choose which ones best suit your player characteristics, both technical and mental. Although if you don't have your favorite available it doesn't matter, since what really matters is that you end up playing!


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