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What shape to choose for your paddle tennis racket

Side Spin analyzes the aspects to take into account when buying a paddle tennis racket, in this case how the shape of the racket influences.

As we already saw in the previous article on the types of rubber , the main criterion to take into account from our point of view is the hardness of the rubber . But he's not the only one. The next criterion to take into account is the shape of the paddle tennis racket . The shape of the racket influences the behavior and playability of the racket . Due to their shape, paddle tennis rackets are divided into 3 large groups: round, teardrop or diamond . Its shape is marked by the mold of the racket and has repercussions in the game since the shape influences the size and position of the sweet spot of the racket or "sweet spot".


Round, teardrop or diamond?

In a round shovel , the sweet spot is more centered on the shovel and is wider, so it admits less precision, obtaining an optimal ball bounce within that sweet spot. The round racket is perfect for beginner and intermediate players who want to feel control in the game. A great result is obtained in a defensive and construction game from the bottom of the court and control in volleys and smash . They are ideal for defensive players and game builders. In these blades a softer rubber is usually used .

In the teardrop blade , the size of the sweet spot is reduced and shifted slightly towards the tip. This means that without losing control, the racket offers a little more versatility, since it is at this point where the racket gets its best response. In smash , you begin to notice an extra power since by hitting the ball at a higher point on the blade, it transfers more force to the ball. They are valid hybrid rackets for defensive players who do not want to give up attack. It is also common for the rubber used in these blades to be somewhat harder than in round blades.

Finally there is the diamond-shaped blade. In this case, the sweet spot is even smaller and is very close to the tip of the racket, so we can say that they are rackets that offer less control on the ground and volleys , but maximize the result in smash . They are ideal for pure attack players . Diamond-shaped blades require more technique and precision and are usually accompanied by harder rubbers with the implications that this has, as explained in the article The type of rubber or Foam .

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