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60 pcs drum of professional quality Side Spin smooth white overgrip Maximum grip – Designed for the best adherence between the player's hand and the racket. You will be surprised by the quality and comfort provided by this overgrip. Whites – In white, with no dyes, this plain white overgrip offers increased durability and grip Perfect Length – Each overgrip is 1100mm in length. Which allows you to put it on all kinds of paddle tennis rackets, tennis rackets, frontenis, badminton, beach tennis... High level of absorption – The material and porosity used in these overgrips make them highly absorbent so sweat will not prevent them from losing grip. In addition, in its perforated version, it offers extra absorption by filtering sweat through the pores of the overgrip. Flexibility – Stretch the overgrip as you place it for a thinner thickness and overlap the overgrip on itself with each turn of the grip to increase the thickness to your liking. 60 Count Drum – Each drum contains 60 perforated white overgrip. In this way you will have enough instead of having to buy overgrips every so often and you will also save a lot of money. This product has been developed by the brand's technicians in order to be able to offer a high quality product that meets the needs of our customers. Side Spin goes one step further: our products are tested by teachers and professional players before they are released for sale. For this reason, this product is endorsed and is used by professional players that the brand sponsors and they all coincide in emphasizing the great quality of the product and its optimal grip and comfort. Only through this type of quality control, which goes from production (selection of materials, design, etc.) to in-use testing by demanding professionals, can we guarantee that the product will be to the liking of whoever purchases it.

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