The SIDE SPIN PAMPA 3K 100% CARBON racket It is the perfect racket for intermediate to advanced level players looking for greater control and precision in their shots. with his Round shape , it offers a wide sweet spot centered on the plane of the blade, which allows greater precision in each hit. The racket is made of high-quality materials, including 3K carbon, a material used in paddle tennis due to its high strength and durability, which makes the racket ideal for those players looking for a strong and durable racket.

In the SIDE SPIN PAMPA 3K 100% CARBON, the ultra-reinforced frame with more than 4 layers surrounding the tubular makes the racket more resistant and durable .

The face of the racket incorporates a 3D finish with small 45º lines that will help the player to give the ball more spin in his hits. The medium balance of the racket makes it perfect to control in defense and to provide extra power in attack.

In addition, the restraint rope used is the most comfortable that exists, since it is a simple self-adjusting rope. This makes it easy to custom fit the player's hand, increasing comfort and reducing fatigue over long gaming sessions.

In summary, the SIDE SPIN PAMPA 3K 100% CARBON is a high quality racket that combines an elegant and attractive design with an excellent combination of control and power. It's the perfect choice for intermediate to advanced players looking to take their game to the next level.

Know more:

The rubber used on the blade plane is a low density EVA MIX rubber that provides a very good ball output. This means that it is not necessary to accompany the ball a lot for it to come out with speed, which allows players to have a greater facility to give power and precision in each shot.

This paddle tennis racket not only stands out for its technical characteristics and its high quality, but also for its attractive design. The white base color covers the entire blade and is combined with shades of blue and silver to create a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic. The small details in neon yellow add a touch of vibrant energy to the racket. The matte finish gives the racket a modern and elegant look, while the overall design is very attractive and easily recognizable on the paddle court. The aesthetics of the PAMPA 3K Full Carbon is a reflection of its quality and excellence, which makes it an exceptional paddle tennis racket in all aspects.


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Weight: 350-365g
Weight: 350-365g

Product information


FORM : round


MATERIAL : Full carbon

FACE-TYPE : textured

GAME-TYPE : Check/Defend





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3 important factors that you should take into account when choosing your paddle tennis racket

The hardness.

The hardness of paddle tennis rackets is mainly related to the materials used. 95% of said hardness depends on the EVA rubber used in the core of the blade. The other 5% depends on the fabrics used to cover the EVA foam . Normally fiberglass and carbon fiber in different types.

If you want to know more about the different rubbers that exist and the behavior of the rubber in the game according to its hardness, keep reading here .

The equilibrium.

Balance refers to how the weight is distributed throughout the paddle blades. A paddle tennis racket usually weighs between 355 and 375 g, but the way in which the weight is distributed affects the result.

Regarding balance, there are 3 types of paddle tennis rackets: with low balance, high balance or medium balance. The first has the weight distributed and moved closer to the hand, which provides greater control over the racket. In the second, the weight tends to be more towards the head of the paddle racket and naturally generates more power through the inertia and movement of the paddle racket. Finally, a medium balance racket would be the most versatile racket.

The balance is also related to the shape of the paddle tennis racket . There are 3 types of blades according to their shape, as we will see in the next point.

The sweet spot and the relationship with the shape of the paddle blade.

The sweet spot of a paddle tennis racket is the area on the face of the racket where you get the best feel for the hit, while feeling all the power and how the ball moves.

Shapes of the paddle blades

  • Round blades have a larger, centered sweet spot. Normally these rackets are designed for players who seek control and have less precision. Also in them the balance is usually lower. These rackets are also called oversized since the racket face appears larger because it is round.

  • Teardrop shaped blades have a slightly smaller sweet spot and it is a bit higher (near the top frame). Normally, rackets with this shape have a medium balance and are also defined as versatile rackets since they have medium power and control rackets.

  • Diamond shaped blades have the smallest sweet spot and are closest to the top frame. In general, diamond-shaped padel rackets have a high balance and are intended for more precise and stronger players, who prefer less control and less comfort to help them have more power.

As a rule, a beginner starts playing with a round-shaped blade, then goes to drop, and then to diamond. But let's not forget, that in the end, a player has to play with the padel racket with which he feels most comfortable. Not because you play better you have to use a different shape than round or drop. More experienced players can use the round or drop shape, since defense is very important in padel.

You can read more about all that on the blog .